Your Gifts Lie In Your Imperfections with Dr. Veronica Estrada

January 3, 2023

Season 3, Ep. 1


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Dr. Estrada and what she does (1:41)
  • Why did many professors quit teaching when COVID hit (6:24)
  • Introverts and online classes (16:48)
  • Students don’t remember the best professor; they remember their favorite (20:01)
  • How Dr. Estrada dealt with imposter syndrome (24:26)
  • All of us go through our own hero’s journey (30:15)
  • The power of storytelling (39:57)
  • About Dr. Estrada’s mentors and how they helped her become who she is today (47:13)

Connect with Dr. Veronica Estrada:

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