Heal Your Fear Of Becoming Famous; Consult A Brand Therapist with Yamilca Rodriguez

December 13, 2022

Season 1, Ep. 2

What limiting belief is holding you back from achieving fame?

In this episode, we welcome Yamilca Rodriguez, the CEO and Founder of Bespoke Branding Agency. With over 20 years of experience in branding, Yamilca utilizes her brand therapist skills to assist businesses in reaching their ideal clients, empowering their brands, and dominating the market.

We discuss the negative associations fame often carries in our society, which can contribute to people’s limiting beliefs about becoming famous. Yamilca emphasizes the immense importance of effectively conveying your brand’s message in today’s fame-driven economy and the necessity of doing so authentically.

Additionally, we explore the 12 archetypes, the close relationship between branding and psychology, and the process of revealing your personal brand’s true essence. Yamilca shares her favorite famous person, her own aspirations for fame, and much more.

Join us for episode 2 of Become Famous For What You Do and discover how a brand therapist can help you overcome your fears of becoming renowned for your unique talents.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why is fame so important today? (1:27)
  • People are both interested and scared of putting themselves out there (3:56)
  • How Psychology can help you improve your branding and marketing (6:35)
  • The twelve archetypes and branding (8:10)
  • Why you should focus on your super fans (16:59)
  • How does the fame economy work from the point of view of a brand therapist (20:22)


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