About Diotima Strategies

 Our mission is to help you become famous for what you do.

Create a Lasting Legacy Influencing
with Your Message

Diotima Strategies, an agency that helps individuals and organizations establish themselves as
thought leaders. Our mission is to make you famous for what you do.

We create strategies that showcase your unique ideas, insights, and perspectives, making you
stand out from the competition. With our guidance, you’ll become a trusted, influential voice in
your industry and a top 1% player.

We believe that fame is an honorable pursuit and that leaving a lasting legacy brings purpose and
meaning to our lives.

Diotima Strategies Founders

Torund Bryhn

Torund Bryhn, a strategic communications consultant, has been making people, places, and organizations famous for what they do in a wide span of industry sectors, including energy, climate, government, film & music, and travel. She has helped brands realize, recuperate reputation, and expand their brand profile, including positive media attention in such publications as TIME Magazine, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, BBC, Billboard, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, EURACTIV, Telegraph, Dagens Næringsliv, and NEWSWEEK. She knows the power of thought leadership and has successfully harnessed that power. Torund holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. When she is not working on making brands famous, Torund is either at the Bikram Yoga studio, biking the countryside with friends, or traveling around the world learning and experiencing new cultures.

Zachary Lewis Houghton

Director of Marketing and Communications

Making super clear messaging is my passion. People don’t want to read a mile-long document to understand what you do, so I make it simple for you to reach your ideal client with the fewest words possible.