About Diotima Strategies

 Our mission is to help you become famous for what you do.

Create a Lasting Legacy Influencing
with Your Message

Diotima Strategies, an agency that helps individuals and organizations establish themselves as
thought leaders. Our mission is to make you famous for what you do.

We create strategies that showcase your unique ideas, insights, and perspectives, making you
stand out from the competition. With our guidance, you’ll become a trusted, influential voice in
your industry and a top 1% player.

We believe that fame is an honorable pursuit and that leaving a lasting legacy brings purpose and
meaning to our lives.

Diotima Strategies Founders

Torund Bryhn

Torund Bryhn, a strategic communications consultant, has been making people, places, and organizations famous for what they do in a wide span of industry sectors, including energy, climate, government, film & music, and travel. She has helped brands realize, recuperate reputation, and expand their brand profile, including positive media attention in such publications as TIME Magazine, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, BBC, Billboard, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, EURACTIV, Telegraph, Dagens Næringsliv, and NEWSWEEK. She knows the power of thought leadership and has successfully harnessed that power. Torund holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. When she is not working on making brands famous, Torund is either at the Bikram Yoga studio, biking the countryside with friends, or traveling around the world learning and experiencing new cultures.

Zachary Lewis Houghton

Director of Marketing and Communications

Making super clear messaging is my passion. People don’t want to read a mile-long document to understand what you do, so I make it simple for you to reach your ideal client with the fewest words possible.

JJ Brown

Government Relations and Policy Making

Jared J. Brown (JJ) left nearly two decades of policymaking on Capitol Hill to help others more effectively petition their government.

For more than 18 years, JJ was one of Senator Orrin G. Hatch’s most prolific policy advisors, drafting countless ideas into bills and ushering dozens of bills into law through at least seven Senate Committees and their House counterparts.

JJ has a depth of experience at every level of the Congressional process, including staffing the Chairman for committee hearings and markups, maneuvering bills and amendments through floor consideration, and actively negotiating details of major proposals at the Conference Committee stage. He also helped to promote policy approaches with the Executive Branch, including meetings at the White House and in the West Wing.

By invitation, JJ taught as a part-time adjunct professor at the George Washington University Political Management Graduate Program. With his expertise in legislative strategy and policy formulation on the national level, he has been asked to lecture at various conferences on the subject around the United States and overseas, including conferences in Mexico City, Monaco, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Golden, and a variety of conferences in Utah and Washington, DC, often receiving repeat invitations.

JJ takes a personal approach to advocacy by limiting the number of his clients and by providing complete transparency and accountability for his time spent on their behalf. He is flexible in working within the priorities and resource constraints of his clients.

Phil Riggins

Diotima Strategies Partner

Brand and Reputation Strategist

Brand and Reputation Strategist and base my advice on listening first. I listen to my clients, then listen to the audiences that matter to their success. My guiding principle is that the best brands and reputations are based on deep and active engagement with the people that matter to their success.

I founded the Brand & Reputation Collective (the BRC) because, after more than 25 years of helping understand and manage some of the world’s most well-known and complicated brands, I realized the way we are doing things won’t work anymore. The way that people receive and process information has changed in ways that make delivering a corporate strategy much harder.

One thing hasn’t changed. People buy from, work for and support organizations that they trust. The challenge for organizations everywhere is – how do you build trust and support in today’s communications environment.
Trust and support come when what we do and say aligns with our audiences’ expectations and experience of us – when brand and reputation are in sync. The mission of the Brand & Reputation Collective is to ensure that brand and reputation work together to build trust and engagement – and to achieve organizational goals.

With the BRC I want to bring leaders together to manage their brands and reputations collectively. We will break down silos, build new capabilities and bring the outside world into the organization. Together, we will make sure that what you are doing and saying resonates, builds trust and compels people to act.

AREAS OF FOCUS: Corporate reputation and brand strategy, opinion research, corporate communications campaigns, business critical relationships / stakeholder engagement, crisis and issues management, and message development.

Sage Toomey

Diotima Trainee Program Member

Sage Toomey is an accomplished entrepreneur and a small business owner of Paws Pet Shop in Eugene, Oregon, with a strong footprint in the realm of social media.

When she’s not running her business, she’s connecting with a wide audience on TikTok, and giving a voice to her generation’s viewpoints and values. As a Gen Z representative, she brings a fresh and critical perspective to important conversations.

Sage is passionate about breaking down generational barriers and enhancing understanding of Gen Z’s outlooks in wider dialogues. Her interests span artificial intelligence, social media, freedom of choice and movement, and effective resource management. These key topics underline her dedication to leading discussions that matter in our rapidly evolving digital and environmental landscapes.