Diotima Strategies

Your Fame Team

Torund Bryhn

Torund Bryhn, a strategic communications consultant, has been making people, places, and organizations famous for what they do in a wide span of industry sectors, including energy, climate, government, film & music, and travel. She has helped brands realize, recuperate reputation, and expand their brand profile, including positive media attention in such publications as TIME Magazine, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, BBC, Billboard, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, EURACTIV, Telegraph, Dagens Næringsliv, and NEWSWEEK. She knows the power of thought leadership and has successfully harnessed that power. Torund holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. When she is not working on making brands famous, Torund is either at the Bikram Yoga studio, biking the countryside with friends, or traveling around the world learning and experiencing new cultures.

Zachary Houghton

Director of Marketing and Communications

Making super clear messaging is my passion. People don’t want to read a mile-long document to understand what you do, so I make it simple for you to reach your ideal client with the fewest words possible.

Maiken Ege Nilsen

Business Development

True authenticity is the only sustainable source of value creation. I am deeply interested in human beings, our patterns, filters, and behavior.

Sales, project management, business development, and strategy are all about making the other party see the value in you. I help clients feel seen and safe.

Guided by intuitive skills – combined with a great deal of structure, I empower clients to move forward in business.

Maryl Gladstone

Principal Advisor

As the Legacy Architect, I consult with others to construct and build legacies that empower their commitments and intentions in these five areas: Well-being, wealth, spirituality, love & relationships, and our world.

My 27+ years of due diligence experience, entrepreneurship, and investing gives me the unique capacity to absorb and actualize ideas, goals, and visions that empower people to live lives informed by what success personally means to them.

I have a superpower for connecting people and facilitating conversations between seemingly opposing forces to champion solutions that emerge organically.

When you’re living your life as your legacy, everything thrives.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Becoming Famous for What You Do

Diotima Strategies is a full-service agency helping clients find their core brand essence. Our proprietary method develops a time-efficient brand profile and roadmap to increase your dream of being recognized for your achievements. We help you increase their circle of influence and attain higher profit margins.

“Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds,” stated Socrates many centuries ago, and we at Diotima Strategies believe that fame is an honorable pursuit. As stated in Plato’s Symposium, Socrates gives credit to Diotima, his mentor and guide from his youth on the philosophy of the Ladder of Love. He admired Diotima for her wisdom and counsel. Reading between the lines, we like to say that Diotima made Socrates famous.

“I am persuaded that all men do all things, and the better they are, the more they do them, in the hope of the glorious fame of immortal virtue, for they desire the immortal,” stated Diotima.

The other reason we look to Diotima is that, like Socrates, we look upon fame pursued for the right reason as honorable. Diotima stated in Plato’s Symposium that all humans desire immortality. The first level is the desire for all to procreate and see our namesake live on for generations to come. The second level is to pursue a worthy cause associated with our name, and finally, the third level is to have our name memorialized for future generations.

Legacy brings purpose and meaning to our lives.