About Diotima Strategies

 Our mission is to help you become famous for what you do.

The Team

Torund Bryhn

Founder & CEO

Zachary Houghton

Founding Partner

JJ Brown

Gov. Relations & Policy Making

Phil Riggins

Brand & Reputation Strategist

Sage Toomey

Brand Strategist

Our Values and Commitment to You


We see you.
We watch out for you.
We see your blindspots.
We see your strengths.


We listen.
We understand.
We listen for you
We strategize with you


We honor you.
We demonstrate gratitude.
We respect.
We show admiration.

Create a Lasting Legacy Influencing with the right strategy

Diotima Strategies is an agency that helps individuals and organizations establish themselves as public figures.

We create strategies that showcase your unique ideas, insights, and perspectives, making you stand out from the competition. With our guidance, you’ll become a trusted, influential voice in your industry and a top 1% player by cornering the market of your expertise.