Take Your Brand To The Next Level: Serve Your Community with John Doering

April 18, 2023
Season 3, Ep. 13

Stop wasting time and money on Facebook or Instagram ads, PPC, or direct mailers. Instead, spend time meeting other people and giving them value.In this episode, I’m joined by John Doering, Founder of Scottsdale Living, a thriving Facebook Group with over 40,000 members, which receives over 64,000 interactions, and 400,000 new visitors every month. In 2017, John started this community to get more leads that would help him as a Real Estate Agent. Yet Scottsdale Living’s purpose, and the reason for its tremendous success, is that John created it under a simple premise: to provide value.


Throughout our conversation, John depicts his journey of growing his magnificent community, the lessons learned along the way, and the value it brought to Scottsdale’s neighbors and businesses. He also talks about how being at service is the key to taking any business to the next level, the importance of heavily investing in personal branding, and what people buy when they do business with a brand.

Additionally, John talks about his experiences branching to Phoenix and Tempe Living, when he realized he was famous, and so much more.

Tune into episode 13 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn more about creating a community when everyone craves it.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about how Scottsdale Living was created (3:01)
  • John talks about his community becoming “the third space” (8:19)
  • One of John’s biggest lessons learned from building his community (12:13)
  • You must learn to let go (18:15)
  • Stop wasting time on ads; go out there and meet people (31:33)
  • People won’t remember you; you must give them something to remember you (41:40)
  • About the time John realized he was famous (48:51)

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