The Ripple Affect Of Community with Anita Anello

March 7, 2023

Season 3, Ep. 9

In an increasingly competitive corporate landscape, we often become so engrossed in self-improvement and promotion that we inadvertently isolate ourselves. We overlook the immense power that can be harnessed through community and collaboration.

In this engaging episode, we welcome Anita Anello, a Creative Problem Solver, Mentor, Strategic Coach, and Servant Leader to Corporate Women of Faith, who is passionate about helping women live joyfully, earn more, and relish every moment of their transition into new lives.

Throughout our discussion, Anita shares her journey from holding executive positions in corporate America to becoming a homeschooling mom and entrepreneur. We delve into the small life adjustments that can result in significant change, the importance of cultivating a growth mindset, and the vital role of community for successful women.

Anita also explores the primary challenge that many women face in their professional lives, offers advice on establishing healthy boundaries, provides content creation tips, and so much more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Anita’s journey from corporate to entrepreneurship (8:02)
  • The importance of getting validation and agency from our life partners (11:27)
  • How women’s nature can play “against” them in business (24:19)
  • The #1 challenge women face in their professional lives (29:12)
  • What happens when we make tiny adjustments in our lives. The ripple affect (42:34)

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